New @ Dernier Cri – Project Themeory

Here’s this weeks item for Project Themeory. Outer space themed!

(Fat pack is 75l, till the end of sunday)



New things @ Dernier Cri

This is my first week participating in the stumblebum brigade!
Here’s this weeks exclusive item:

(pre-release of Kassidy, each tone costs 700L)


These makeups will be taken down next week, so this is your only chance to get them.

Also as a reminder the platinum hunt is still going on.

My item for the hunt (10L):

Dernier Cri – Project Themeory

Hi everyone!
Here’s this weeks item for Project Themeory at Dernier Cri:


Dernier Cri – Summer of Love and Relay for Life

Hi everyone! Dernier Cri is participating the the Summer of Love fair, as well as Relay for Life event this year. C: At the RFL sims I have a pre-release version of Kassidy (new skin I’ve been working on.) All the proceeds from the skin will go to the American Cancer Society.

Summer of Love

The hairs come in a variety pack of 15 colors for 295L.
(Just for fun, I used some softer textures for these, but my store textures will remain the same).

Relay for Life

600$L, 100% of the proceeds go to RFL!

New things @ Dernier Cri

Yay, it’s summer time!  I set out some new-ish hairs in my store. I’ve been holding onto some of these styles for months, but I just haven’t had a lot of time to release things.  I also made the mistake of buying some of those Ozimal bunnies a few weeks ago, and I can’t leave them alone, ahgg.


Here’s some pics:

New Female Skins @ Dernier Cri

I just set out my new girl’s skins. (finally!) :]

They come in four tones, and each makeup includes a freckled and non-freckled version. They also come with the eyes seen in the ads.
—–> Teleport

Charlotte Skins:

New hair @ Dernier cri, and sim redesign

Hi everyone! I just redid my sim and have some new hair for sale.
—–> Teleport

New hair:

I’m also working on some new skins I should have for sale shortly =)