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Pacific Crisis & Relay for Life

Hi everyone!
I just put out some skins for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser and Relay for Life. Mina Jun was generous enough to donate a set of full permission skin templates to help raise money for Japan. Parts of her template were used to create the Pacific Crisis skin. You can find more information about them here.

295L for all tones

100% of proceeds donated to Charity Americares

—>Teleport to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser<—

295L for all tones

100% of proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society

—>Teleport to Eros, Relay for Life Fundraiser<—

If you are having trouble finding the skins they are also located at my store:
—>Teleport to Dernier Cri<—


Hi everyone, exciting news!

I’m a little late sending this out, but I just opened a new hair store/brand today with my friend Sharifa Morenz.  The shop’s name is Milana, and  I’ll be releasing all my future hairs under this brand.  There are 15 new hair styles for sale and a group gift freebie hair.

There are also new textures that come in 70 shades: