New Makeups for Lina!

I just released some new makeups for the Lina skins. The new makeups will be located on the far right of each set and are called “Glam” and “Daze”. Also, fat pack prices increased from 3500 to 4500. (1k for 6 new makeups)
Another thing I really need to work on is that skin room. It is definitely one of the laggiest places in SL.  You walk in and get slammed with hundreds of images of avatars faces…  Either I need I split the room up, find a way to use textures more effectively, or find a new way to display skins.

Anyways, here’s some images of the new makeups.


    • Amyla Wakowski
    • August 18th, 2008

    One thing I’ve seen some store owners do is have several products displayed in one texture, and then have a little button or sign that’s the actual vendor prim, like on a corner of the product display. Those little signs all use the same texture, so there’s fewer product textures to load, and just one texture to load for the vendors.

    • Asuka Martin
    • August 18th, 2008

    Ah ok, great idea! I could try using several larger textures with transparent buttons on top for the individual products.

  1. Hiyas! Just discovered your store, and WOW! I know what my next blog post is gonna be about. I don’t know how you can have such a gorgeous store and no one there yet. @_@ Anyway, my suggestion was to basically texture the display entirely on one big texture panel, then make the boxes themselves invisible prims. That way, you only need 2, maybe 3 textures for the entire vendor. That’s how they do it at Adam n Eve to cut down on lag. ^^

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