New hairs, (and new colors!)

A while back (long long ago) I got some some good feedback about which colors options were lacking from the dye menu, and today I finally decided to take up some of those suggestions. C:  (I have to agree the current reds are kind of bland.)

Included with the new styles are two new sets of shades.  One row of warmer red colors was added, and a row of silver shades was added. Only the new styles will work with the new menu until I update the older styles.  This is a pretty simple update so I ‘should’ be able to finish that quickly, but someone might have to poke me to get a move on it. 

Anyways here’s the new hairs!

Side note about Tessa:  The hair band changes colors if you click on it.  There aren’t a ton of options but tinting it is fun too.

Here’s the new shades:


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