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New Makeups for Lina!

I just released some new makeups for the Lina skins. The new makeups will be located on the far right of each set and are called “Glam” and “Daze”. Also, fat pack prices increased from 3500 to 4500. (1k for 6 new makeups)
Another thing I really need to work on is that skin room. It is definitely one of the laggiest places in SL.  You walk in and get slammed with hundreds of images of avatars faces…  Either I need I split the room up, find a way to use textures more effectively, or find a new way to display skins.

Anyways, here’s some images of the new makeups.



New hairs, (and new colors!)

A while back (long long ago) I got some some good feedback about which colors options were lacking from the dye menu, and today I finally decided to take up some of those suggestions. C:  (I have to agree the current reds are kind of bland.)

Included with the new styles are two new sets of shades.  One row of warmer red colors was added, and a row of silver shades was added. Only the new styles will work with the new menu until I update the older styles.  This is a pretty simple update so I ‘should’ be able to finish that quickly, but someone might have to poke me to get a move on it. 

Anyways here’s the new hairs!

Side note about Tessa:  The hair band changes colors if you click on it.  There aren’t a ton of options but tinting it is fun too.

Here’s the new shades:


New Mens’ Skins!

I finally finished my mens skins. (yay!)
Cole comes in 5 different tones and there are 9 face options to choose from.

Also with this skin I’ll be selling the shape you see in the ads. The shape comes with 9 body options. (Combinations of Tall, Mid, Short, and Thin, Medium, Muscular) The shape also includes eyes, and an eyebrow preset.