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Dernier Cri

I just transfered over from the teen grid, wooo! I’m excited to start a business here. I’ve been a little lonesome (missing my TG buddies) but I’m meeting a lot of great people here too.

My island finally transfered over and I’m just starting to setup my items. I’m so used to having friends on the island, the place feels pretty empty with just me now. The tentative date for opening will be April first. Join the “Dernier Cri Updates” group if you’re interested. I’ll send everyone a SL URL and a notice when it opens up.

Here’s a few pictures of some of my designs. I’ll be having a small opening sale, selling skins for 500l, hairs for 50l, and outfits and clothing around 25-75l.

Skins: I’ll be selling my Adriane skins here on the main grid. Each tone has 33 different makeup options, comes with prim lashes, and an option for belly ring/ no belly ring. I’ll also be selling them in sets of three for 900l.


Hair: I’ll be selling hair with a texture HUD attachment that includes 90 different shades. You wear the style along with the menu, and click whichever color. I’ll be offering demos that you can test the HUD out with all the different shades


Apparel: I don’t make a whole lot of clothing but here’s a few of my newer items.